Starting February 13th, it’s a new tradition! 

We’re trying not to spread any germs, but we do want to spread the HCYP love! We invite you to join us for a Pal-entine’s Gift Train, starting Saturday, February 13th!

How it works:

If you’re interested in joining, email your name, phone number, & address where you’d like your gift dropped off. Also be sure to include whether or not you drink alcohol or have any allergies. Once we get your info, we’ll add you to the list!

  • The gift train starts with two people, Person A & Person B:
  • Person A will drop off their gift ($20 limit, please!) at Person B’s house.
  • Person B will post a picture of their gift on Facebook to confirm they’ve received it (or if you prefer, you can email confirmation instead).
  • Once we see a gift has been received, we’ll notify Person B where they can drop off the gift they created for their Person (C).
  • Person B drops off their gift for Person C. And so on!
  • All active HCYP-members who participate will be entered into a raffle for an extra, special gift from us!

There’s only one rule!
Once you receive your gift and the drop-off location for the gift you’re giving, please try to drop off your gift within 72 hours! We want to keep this train moving.

Some gift ideas:

  • $20 gift card to a local area restaurant or brewery.
  • A bottle of wine and some fancy chocolates.
  • A couple of nice pairs of socks, winter hat, or mittens.
  • Popcorn and candy for a “home movie night”.
  • A bag of coffee from your favorite spot!
  • A fancy candle.